Floor Lamps
Studio Zero Editions
Year: 2021

The Equilibristi are floor lamps characterized by a strong artistic and sculptural approach. Their anthropomorphic form, both precious and ethereal, rises thin and slender, as if in a circus dance.

They almost seem to start moving on their long and slender legs, like dreamlike presences that inhabit the space of imagination more than that of reality. Their dreamlike and evanescent essence gives the space a metaphysical and transcendental component. For these slender creatures in balance the fullness counts as much as the emptiness, the interval as much as the plastic elements, the stability as much as the precarious and the ephemeral.
The minimal, airy, and mobile elements produced by the rarefaction of the material create poetic narratives in which the imaginary and the real converge, in a harmonic and spiritual synthesis.
In the Equilibristi lamps, light is an essential part that gives life and increases the artistic component of these products. Like in the tradition of Luminator floor lamps who had their moment of maximum splendor in the twentieth century, these anthropomorphic objects illuminate the room with indirect light, in an extremely suggestive and at the same time functional elevation movement.  

The Equilibristi floor lamps are made of metal with a brushed brass finish and a dimmable Led source.

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